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about north by sud- ouest charcuterie 

Northern curing, schooled in South-West France.


In partnership with Edge and Son’s Butchers of New Ferry, Wirral.  Using exclusively high welfare free range, slow-grown, local, rare breed, mature pigs, I produce traditionally cured meats with a nose to tail ethic.

My methods are traditional and slow; it takes time to achieve the complex flavours of quality charcuterie. I put the pork centre stage, with delicate spicing to highlight the natural excellence of the meat. I offer a range of products using every last bit of the animal. This is integral to the ethos of my company; but always with the aim to make something delightful – tout est bon chez le cochon*.  Everything but the oink!


*all of the pig is delicious.                      



I spent several years working in the foothills of the Pyrenées in South-West France with Master Charcutier, Philippe Camdeborde.

In my time off I ran a tiny business cooking local market produce. I taught enthusiastic locals how to cook (and shop) based on whatever caught my eye that day. I bought carrots, artichokes, tomatoes and olive oil from men and women with dirty hands and muddy boots. I chose the best bacon, paté, black pudding (ours), ham, confit, sausage, viennoiserie and bread from the various craftsmen and women who’d made it. Foie Gras came from the lady who hand-fed the ducks, wine from a man who had personally visited every vineyard represented in his collection (I got to know a number of the winemakers myself). I made that black pudding with blood from pigs killed the same day. I learnt to clean stinky intestines into useable (and tasty) sausage casings; turned the deeply unpromising into something genuinely delicious. I discovered customers and friends who properly loved food – and who appreciated what I cooked for them. Looking back, it was inspiring.

I returned to Liverpool from France in 2013, thoroughly sold on artisan produce made from high quality local ingredients. It’s a process that involves personal contact among producers and has given me a more thorough, and more ethical awareness of the food chain. I started working with Edge and Son's Butchers as a chef from this time and I now collaborate with them to produce my charcuterie. Their belief in local farms not factories complements my own. Our shared foodist view of sustainability is a cornerstone of North by Sud-Ouest.

Making something that is more than the sum of its parts appeals to me. It requires, perhaps, a bit more thought – but it most often takes stamina and attention to detail. Charcuterie is like this. It takes a lot of work. But the results are pretty satisfying...

Our awards include Gold, 'Best in Catagory', two silvers and 'Best Heritage Breed' at the 'World Charcuterie Awards 2023', 

Gold, Best in Class, two Silvers and one Bronze in 'The British Charcuterie Awards 2021

Gold in the Farm and Deli Awards 2022

Silver in 'The British Cured Meat Awards 2019 

North by Sud-Ouest Charcuterie - Northern Curing, schooled in South-West France

Charcuterie French North by Sud Ouest Pyrenese Farming Andrew Rogers Dot Rogers
Jolly decent of you... 

"Judges Liked the rustic appearance of the cotechino and felt the fat melted beautifully. They loved the delicate and balanced seasoning and the gelatinous elements to the texture."


"The ventreche was appealing to look at, moist and glossy, fat and lean worked very well together, the seasoning was excellent."

Judges Commentary

The British Cured Meat Awards

2 Silver Medal Winner

"This is some of the best food we’ve ever tasted. Had friends round tonight and we were all so so so so impressed!!!! He has done an amazing job. We love all of it!" 


"This stuff (Nduja) is addictive"


"The kids went mad for the Nduja"

"Make sure you hold back a batch for us in the next run"

"I have four kids who are all loving it" 


The coppa had a rich, intense flavour - perfectly balanced between the curing and aromatics on the one hand, and the rare breed pork itself. But it was that dense yet tender texture that showed the skill of the whole process for me: the farming, butchery & charcuterie. Yummy.


"Great and lovely service. The charcuterie arrived quicker than expected. But more importantly... very tasty. Thanks guys, you made a lady from Toulouse very happy. (though I ate it all too quick as couldn't resist) xx"



"Gorgeous gorgeous porky goodness. Best supplier of British charcuterie that I have come across...ever! Pyar quality ***** (five stars) shout out to the Goula (piggy jowls) for a delicious carbonara." 


"That lardo we had was amazing!"


"Bought some as gifts and everyone loved them" 


Delicious! The flavour of this meat is unlike anything I have tasted before!
The parcel was delivered quickly, straight to my door and all of my questions were professionally answered by people who really know their stuff! Will definitely be ordering from here again! Yummy!


"My boyfriend is a massive food snob and he LOVED all of the delicious meat!


Absolutely delicious! Great flavours. Great textures." 


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